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Call Centre


Simple interface

On one screen see all your raised incidents/requests/problems by clicking on each task you can see a record of whats happened, whos reported this and where the problem is. With our new global feature you can view all problems across all buildings in your group on one page. 


Add a new call record

Click the “add” button and simply record a new task, from this screen you can select your priority, leave a description, location and who reported the problem. This user will also be sent notifications on changes in there request.


Allocate straight to an Engineer

No need to click to another screen simply add the call recorder select the priority and allocate to an Engineer in the system. This task will then be sent straight to his Calendar to be looked at.


Capture Events

We have many ways to log events why not try our online capture form, simply click the link answer the questions and this will go straight into our system.