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Interactive Dashboard


Interactive CAFM Dashboard

With Omni’s Interactive Dashboard customers can easily view their site data including PPM’s and Reactive Tasks statuses along with SLA’s. Other features include Net Score Promoter, KPI’S and energy readings. Omni can taylor make our CAFM dashboard to customer requirements.


Interactive Tracking

With our simple design you can click on the areas you wish to view and quickly retrieve up to date data and task status.


Other Graphs-Data

Our customers can also quickly view any area of interest including energy readings, KPI’s, SLA’s, contract spend, environmental impact and more.

Customer Satifaction

Find out how on site teams are performing, by asking customers to complete a quick online survey to collate their feedback. We also have the ability to divide tasks up into categories and using customers own data show accidents and near misses.


Global dashboard

If a customer has multiple sites these can be viewed at an individual, divisional and global level empowering end users to very quickly drill into how a contract is performing at all levels.