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IOT Sensors

Bring your building to life

With IOT Sensors (Internet of Things), you can manage anything and everything in your building. 

Add an extra layer of monitoring and management with IoT sensors. Omni utilise different sensors to monitor things like air quality, occupancy and cleaning requirements. We can also add additional vibration and temperature sensors on Plant when required. All the data from these sensors is fed through to the main Omni dashboard. By bringing these sensors onto the Omni platform we can ensure all the different data touchpoints across your building are working together to give you the best overall picture of your buildings performance.  


Reduce Energy Use

Our analytics tool exploits existing points being monitored by BEMS or PMS, or may be utilised independently via hard wired or IoT sensors to transmit data through our analytics tool and determine where energy can be saved

Improve Labour Efficiency

Reporting by exception of underperforming plant enables the most appropriate technician to be allocated the reactive tasks, reducing down time

Promote Well-being

Omni Telemetry is proud to be working with Zoonex, supplying the controls for their automated antimicrobial systems being installed across their customer base, utilising our app to facilitate the control and monitoring.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Our analytics tool uses all the data collected to trend your energy-saving changes, enabling easy verification of reduced carbon emissions.

Intelligent Digitally Led Maintenance

SFG/DLM, a new standard for digital led maintenance, is being developed by BESA in collaboration with Omni and Avison Young.

Optimising Building Performance

Your building can be customised to optimise its performance using our CAFM and Analytics tools, with real-time data to analyse the results.

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