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Facilities Analytics

Optimise your buildings operational performance while reducing energy consumption

What is Omni Facilities Analytics

Omni Facilities Analytics enables our customers to optimise their buildings operational performance while reducing energy consumption creating a greener building, this is a cloud based system that monitors buildings BeMS data and produces a visible graphical user interface (GUI) explaining the results.

To enable us to operate this system we install our Omni Facilities Analytics on site into the BeMS network via an Ethernet cable, this box works off multiple platforms ensuring it is reliable and secure, having an older system with multiple manufacturers in place is no longer an issue as Omni-box is compatible with all major BeMS systems.

By analysing the Omni Facilities Analytics data it is possible to focus the on-site engineering teams on the plant that is operating the least efficiently both making the most effective use of the labour available and leading to cost savings by the customer.

Custom Solutions

One of the main benefits of using our Omni-box is the option of full customisation, we can design our system to suit your requirements. By carrying out a few routine site surveys we will tailor a system that matches your requirements.

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Cloud based

Access your systems from anywhere, by using your web browser you can see how your buildings preforming. Allow your staff to also access remotely by setting up user profiles, personalise your alarms and let the system alert you.
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Fully supported

Omni systems is fully supported 24/7, you can communicate with our engineers through our system or contact us through one of our many protocols, including telephone & email.

Optimise your buildings performance.

Do you have multiple sites with different BMS systems, see them all using the one graphical user interface. Optimise your buildings performance while reducing energy consumption.

Why are we different

We are fully independent meaning that we do not specialise in just one or two manufacturers, with our internal programmers we can overcome customers requests quickly and efficiently which enables us to add functions easier and faster than our competition. Our offering is flexible which allows us to offer different levels of reporting meaning we can reach more end users.

We also offer building MOT’s that we recommend annually for smaller facilities, the box is installed into a building and monitored for a period of time and a report issued allowing building analytics to reach a previously ignored section of the industry.

We are not restricted to the amount of BeMS points we can monitor like other building analytics companies giving a holistic view of your facility.

Our simple GUI is easy for customers to understand as we have designed the layout in a way that makes viewing the information easy and clear, this results in spending less time looking for anomalies and finding inefficiencies as they happen.

Easy Installation


Learn Feature


Building MOT's, fast building analytics


Energy saving, check all your devices


Live data, direct from your network


Reduce comfort calls


Intergrate other onsite systems for a one stop shop


Operate facilities & labour inteligently


Cost Analysis of devices on network


Compatable with multiple BMS systems


Customise Alarms


DWG uploads device location plotting