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Omni Live


Omni Live

 Facilities Live combines the Engineering rigour of Operations with the insight of Analytics. By integrating our core Services we realise, for our customers, more value. We embed live data for the Engineering team into their standard operating processes; including PPM tasks, Reactive tasks and Asset management.

This integrated approach is unique and increases the utility of our Services and is set to disrupt the sector. We estimate that a ‘Digital Led’ team will make a 20% human resource saving over a more traditional approach. Book a demo to fast forward to the Omni Future.


Asset Register

Import all your assets into your PPM Planner, this will make sure all assets are allocated a job plan and are maintained to regulatory standard provided by SFG20.


QR Codes

QR Codes, generate a QR code for  all assets in your building,  then you can attach these to your devices. Once this is done you will then be able to go to the device scan the QR code and see all details including PPM’s on that device. If you then add the Omni-box you can also see live statistics on that device.


Preventative Maintenance PPM's

Click the QR code and see the PPM’s attached to that device, from here you can see all past and future tasks associated to that piece of hardware.


Create a Task

By hovering over the QR code you can then create a tasks whether its parts needed, maintenance or simple checks from this one QR code all is possible, this can then be allocated to other people in the system.