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What makes us special

With over a 100 years’ experience of the FM industry in our senior management team we understand the demands our customers face every day, we strive to continually evolve our offering and have now merged with a leading IT development team and combined these skills.

This has resulted in Omni Telemetry being able to offer bespoke made software services that enable our customers the ability to operate intelligently and efficiently reducing labour and freeing up valuable time and resources, our main objective is to work closely with our customers to produce a bespoke solution for their requirements.

Omni benefits

Omni can help to reduce your costs by providing powerful management information for strategic fit, help to reduce your operational risk, help improve your management control and enable you to operate efficiently.


  • Reduce a Facility's energy consumption; supports CSR objectives.
  • Monitor Facilities which don't have a full time engineering team.
  • Compare multiple Facilities through a single pane of glass.
  • Conduct faster Root Cause Analysis on a fault.
  • Extract a Facility's data for further analysis and use in other applications.
  • Create rigour in the approach of a Facility's team using a broad feature set.
  • Reduce risk in managing a Facility by improving Security and Statutory compliance.
  • Improve by 20% the efficiency of the workforce by taking a targeted 'Digital Led' approach.

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