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Why Omni Telemetry

Omni Telemetry provide comprehensive, cloud based products and services to managed facilities. Facilities Analytics delivers real time data and insight on performance, ensuring energy cost and plant lifecycles are optimised. This information is put into the hands of the facilities’ teams to support an efficient engineering approach.  Facilities Operations delivers a broad set of features to manage Assets and Maintenance including CAFM, Predictive and Preventative maintenance (SFG20), Reactive Tasks and e-Permits. These powerful tools will enhance  the management of all facilities; realising true value at reduced costs.

Vision and Strategy

Omni  Telemetry are taking a digital led approach to disrupt the Facilities sector. By harvesting and analysing a facilities published data its performance can be tuned from construction through to maintenance. Omni Telemetry increased the utility of a customers data by making it available to Operation teams.

Omni benefits

Omni can help to reduce your costs by providing powerful management information for strategic fit, help to reduce your operational risk, help improve your management control and enable you to operate efficiently.


  • Reduce a Facility's energy consumption; supports CSR objectives.
  • Monitor Facilities which don't have a full time engineering team.
  • Compare multiple Facilities through a single pane of glass.
  • Conduct faster Root Cause Analysis on a fault.
  • Extract a Facility's data for further analysis and use in other applications.
  • Create rigour in the approach of a Facility's team using a broad feature set.
  • Reduce risk in managing a Facility by improving Security and Statutory compliance.
  • Improve by 20% the efficiency of the workforce by taking a targeted 'Digital Led' approach.
  • PPM Planner with direct link to SFG20

During these difficult and unprecedented times we can help support the remote maintenance of facilities; we also help support any potential reduced labour or maintenance schedules and can remove unnecessary travel reducing risk.

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