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Facilities Operations

A powerful real time data capture system that saves time and adds value
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What is Omni Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations is a comprehensive industry leading, cloud based compliance service. It delivers a broad set of capabilities to manage a facilty’s Assets and Maintenance. It sleek design and graphical user interface make operation delivery, risk management and ISO standard compliance practical. The secure system has been specifically designed to mitigate the need for paperwork and its inherent inefficiencies. Therefore, allowing a facilty’s staff to become more productive whilst supporting full compliance. The management information and CAFM system is an innovative web-based software environment for all customers and is continually evolving with enhancements suggested by both customers and our team, by working collaboratively with end users we regularly introduce new features and improve functionality in order to meet and exceed at customer evolving expectations.




Access Omni-hub from the office, at home or on the move to review service delivery and statutory compliance.



Easily view the status of your project. Customers and on-site teams can both access the system’s shift log module


Key documents

Access important documents & files such as emergency operating procedures and local escalation plans.


Keep up to date

View forthcoming service requirements of critical assets and have access to historical service logs and call-out documents.


Stay Secured

Omni Facilities Management is hosted on a dedicated external server which is regularly backed up to ensure that client data is secure and easily retrievable.


Full Visibility

View records of expenditure. Projects can be broken down to an individual asset level.

Omni Facilities Operations Gallery

See below screenshots taken from Omni Facilities Operations system.

Omni-Hub Dashboard
Omni-hub Central Documents
Omni-hub E-logs
Omni-hub Central Documents
Omni-hub Maintainance

Why use Facilities Operations 

Create rigour in the approach of a facilities team using a broad feature set
Reduce risk in managing a facility by improving security and statutory compliance.

Key Features

Shift log module:

Record daily actions and updates.


Document access to your site and make sure engineers have the correct documents


Have enginners take a test before entering site keep a log for H&S.


Site documents:

Store client-specific manuals and reports.

Key Performance Indicators:

Demonstrate compliance to agreed contractual objectives.

Training matrix:

Show qualifications and training plans for on-site engineers.

Quote tracker:

Monitor and manage the delivery of additional work requirements.


Full support and guidance 24 hour support system.

Finance module:

Provides auditable records of client expenditure against individual assets.

Audit tracker library:

Carry out site-specific or contract-specific compliance audits.

Scenario training:

Store site-specific training tasks and bespoke local procedures.

Risk radar:

Highlight possible engineering risks and associated mitigation strategies.

Call Center

Log all you clients requests in one location, then allocate an engineer at a click of a button

Reactive Task

Respond to your clients request allocate to an engineer and notify your client.

Mobilisation Panner

A bespoke action plan for mobilising a new contract or project.

PPM Planner

Planned maintenance with direct link to SFG20

Maintenance Calendars

Keep up to date with hard and soft services.


Asset Register

Record a facility's total asset information


Ensuring a facility's compliant and record trends.


Equipment Lifecycle

Help forecasting Capex budgets.